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“Integrated Proteomics Applications: giving you the strength you need with the results you trust.”

Integrated Proteomics Applications provides a comprehensive proteomic data analysis solution, the Integrated Proteomics Pipeline (IP2). Our company believes that proteomics data analysis should be an easy, streamlined process. As a result universities, research hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and biological research institutes around the world have been using the IP2 for studying complex biological systems and drug discovery.

The Integrated Proteomics Pipeline (IP2) allows researchers to identify, quantify, and functionally analyze all of the proteins in a biological sample on one, easy to use interface.

In conjunction with the IP2, our company offers cloud computing solutions for institutions that are looking for a fast and inexpensive alternative to cluster computing. Through our innovative cloud solution, a research institute can effectively replace an entire set of servers that are often expensive to purchase and maintain. With our cloud solution you get a faster, cost effective answer that produces results in a matter of hours, not days.

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